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Since 1967

There are many units that were built in the late sixties and seventies that are still on the road today!  They don't look like the units produced today, they were more of the traditional look of trailers built at that time.  They were built to last and they have!

You still see them!

Our Founder

Gerald Taylor 1928- 1981
Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur


Founder Gerald Taylor


Gerald started the business out of necessity. He had a large family who needed a vacation. He was a carpenter by trade, so he built a camper and took the family out west. Once the holiday was over, he sold the camper and realized he could make a living at it, and not have to work out in the elements. He enjoyed tremendously that it was in his own yard and he could walk to work.

His vision was to build a great trailer that people could go travel and create memories. He also loved to travel and camp himself. He would be very proud today at what we have accomplished, quality, integrity, and a true sense of family.

My father was never well, but was a great man whom everyone loved and he will always be missed.

Brad Taylor

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