About Us

Who we are

We are a small company by choice, located in Millgrove, Ontario, Canada. Since 1967 we have prided ourselves in producing the highest quality ultra lightweight travel trailers on the market, because of this commitment people from all over North America have made the trip to Millgrove. By deciding to remain small we are able to have a more personal relationship with our Taylor Coach owners.

We choose only products that are friendlier to the environment in the manufacturing process of the trailers. We are always striving to build and outfit a better trailer. We DO NOT use any particle boards, structure woods, melamines, composites, MDF, rubber, or fiberglass. Not only are they harmful to the environment they are extremely heavy.

We can build your Taylor Coach longer, taller, shorter, wider, leave out furniture; create a space to tuck in your sheets, as well as a custom built spot for the cat box. Just give us a call to begin designing your new trailer.

Our History

Our Founder

Gerald Taylor 1928- 1981
Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur

Gerald started the business out of necessity. He had a large family who needed a vacation. He was a carpenter by trade, so he built a camper and took the family out west. Once the holiday was over, he sold the camper and realized he could make a living at it, and not have to work out in the elements. He enjoyed tremendously that it was in his own yard and he could walk to work.

His vision was to build a great trailer that people could go travel and create memories. He also loved to travel and camp himself. He would be very proud today at what we have accomplished, quality, integrity, and a true sense of family.

My father was never well, but was a great man whom everyone loved and he will always be missed.

Brad Taylor


Since 1967

There are many units that were built in the late sixties and seventies that are still on the road today! They don’t look like the units produced today, they were more of the traditional look of trailers built at that time. They were built to last and they have! You still see them today!


Taylor Coach Testimonials

Jonathan (From Massachusetts)

Hi Brad, Now that I’ve been home for a few days and been able to visually soak up the enjoyment of the trailer, I wanted to let you know as a customer how I feel at this moment. First of all, obviously any mention of longevity of the trailer can only be tested over time and use, so my comments on the quality of the build construction are based on my walk through of it. So I’ll start there. My wife finally got the chance to see this trailer, and as I stated to you on the phone she was utterly amazed at how roomy the trailer feels (and so am I). We looked around and then started to really look at the trailer from a quality standpoint. We both agree that from what we’ve seen and touched, this trailer is surely built to last. As you explained to me and I agree, the trailer is tight. Clean lines from ceiling to wall to floor. The workmanship of the cabinets, the floor quality, the fit of the appliances are all tight. The only thing we had any difficulty with was opening the windows. They are tight and if we angled them the wrong way they were tough to slide, so we put user error on that. The exterior is the same air tight and clean. As a businessman it was a very difficult decision to make a BIG purchase on an item only seen on the internet. But our purchase was justified once we received the trailer, and will be more gratifying once we use it (which will be soon).

Ellen & Thomas (From Ontario)

We were looking for a lightweight trailer that our Ford Escape with its 3500 lb towing capacity could handle with ease. After shopping around at a number of trailer shows, we quickly discovered that “lightweight” meant different things to different manufacturers. My parents had recommended Taylor Coach to us and we met up with Brad at a show in Toronto. We immediately sensed that Brad knew what he was talking about and decided that when we were ready to buy, we would head to Taylor Coach. We had a specific layout in mind and Brad and Nate immediately helped us to tweak our design to fit our specific needs. They were extremely patient with us when we had a ton of questions. Because we live close by, we were even provided an opportunity to see our trailer as it was being built. It is truly a lightweight, high-quality product and our Escape handles is beautifully. We picked up our 19′ Taylor Coach in April 2009 and never for a day have we regretted choosing a Taylor Coach. Its exactly what we wanted but could never dreamed that we would be so happy with it. We will never stop recommending it and showing it off to whomever shows interest and are proud to be a part of the extended “Taylor Coach family.”

Larry & Marianne (From Ontario)

In early 1999 after spending more than thirty years of our leisure time going to the cottage we decided to find a small trailer to visit other areas of North America. The plan was to take short trips so we settled on the Taylor 14-foot Codester, which we felt, would work well for our trips of two weeks or three weeks. The trips became longer over time and we realized that we needed something larger if we were to have extended vacations. The Codester had served us well, so we returned to Tracy’s RV Centre in late 2000 and decided on the 17 foot Nik-Nat. For the next ten years we drifted around North America on drifts lasting up to 43 days at a time. In all that time we only had one flat tire and one bearing failure. The Nik-Nat because of the workmanship of the Taylor family–never let us down. On returning from our last 25,000kms  in 2010 we decided that we would once again need a larger unit if we were to have our grandchildren accompany us to experience the wonders of North America. It wasn’t hard to decide; once again we returned to the Taylor family and ask them to build a 24 foot unit for us. Brad was very accommodating in letting us modify his floor plan to our specifications. The finished product will be on the road in a few weeks and we look forward to another ten years of travelling with a Taylor Coach.

Peg & Graham (From Minnesota)

Bobbie: We spent two years planning on buying a Scamp and were just days away from making the purchase when we came across Taylor Coach, a brand we had not previously known about. Our unit was a trade-in from one of Brad’s customers who loved his Bobbie but wanted a size upgrade. The minute we saw the pictures and description on the website we knew that the Scamp was history. We have loved every moment in the Bobbie. We even had a Bobbie Party to show it off to our friends and neighbors. Every time we take it somewhere, people stop by and say it’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the show Dr. Who, you’ll understand why we describe the Bobbie as a Tardis (bigger on the inside than it is on the outside). It’s also very homey. We just got back from Wisconsin where we camped with my brother and his pop-up. I won’t bother listing the various problems with pop-ups here, except to say that it had no personality whatsoever. It was basically a set of beds on wheels. More importantly, the Bobbie has lots of storage, is very well made and dependable, and has all the conveniences we wanted. Additionally, Brad and his family have been so friendly and helpful. We initially asked him to add a built-in heater, but he talked us out of that, saying a $20 space heater would be more than enough, even in cold weather, and he was right! We love our Bobbie and think that the only change we’ll ever make is, upon retirement in 20+ years, to get Brad to make us a 14 or 16 footer, simply because by then, we will probably not want to convert the table to a bed every night. (Not that it’s not fast and easy; it is.) In short, we love Taylor Coach and our Bobbie!! Peg and Graham St. Paul, Minnesota

Rick & Marianne (From Ontario)

Hi Brad. I just wanted to say thanks so much to you, Nate and Bob for building our trailer for us! (and anyone else involved – I think some lovely ladies in the family had something to do with the curtains and cushions…..) We took the trailer out on her maiden voyage recently to Killbear, for our annual July camping with Rick’s family. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! Everything worked great, except for the 3 younger kids playing musical beds all week! Darren didn’t fall out the bunk bed at all and was our alarm in the morning with just his head hanging over with a huge smile. (and we had one of the kid’s cousins for a sleepover too). Rick’s family was most impressed by the trailer as well. It towed beautifully with the hitch, and was a very smooth ride up north and back. The kids I think also felt a bit safer in this trailer as we had a mama bear and her cub on our site! (but we always follow all the bear rules so it’s all good) I think Rick now appreciates having the microwave as he heated some leftovers in it and made mac and cheese! Handy dandy! I’ve wanted this trailer for a few summers now and we were finally able to make it happen this year. Thanks again for all your hard work. We have taken camping to our next and final level now. I am highly recommending your trailers to anyone who wants to buy a house trailer. Take care and hopefully see you at the camp out in October. I’ve e-mailed Marissa to see if any spots are left. We missed the May deadline on that with not getting the trailer till June. Sincerely, Marianne Dam (and the whole Dam family!)

James & Margot (From Ontario)

Brad, Nathan & Bob did an excellent job buildling our custom trailer. They helped us design a one-of-a-kind coach with a unique layout featuring an extra large kitchen and the ability to carry a motorcycle inside. They even used the fabric we supplied so we could get exactly the look we wanted. The workmanship is excellent and it is backed by a solid warranty from a family business you can trust. Thanks! Margot Bai