Taylor Coach FAQs

Why are they lightweight?

We do not use any structure woods, particle boards, melamines, MDF, rubber, or fibreglass.

How are the units sold?

They are sold factory direct through us at Taylor Coach.

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Do you sell RV parts?

Yes, from aluminum siding, interior panelling, one piece aluminum roofs, vents, appliances, and various accessories and add-ons.

Where are they built?

In Millgrove, Ontario, Canada. Located in Southern Ontario region, one hour drive west of Toronto or one hour west of Niagara Falls.

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What are they made of?

The units are made from White Furniture Grade No. 1 Pine with a 15% moisture count, fur select exterior sheeting plywood, lauan panelling, and an aluminum exterior.

Can we buy them if we are from the US?

Yes, it is an easy process and people make a vacation out of picking up their units.

What are the prices of units?

That depends on the size and options. Call Brad Taylor for details.

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Is it hard to cross the border?

No, it is an easy process.

What is your warranty?

We have a 4 year manufacturer warranty, accessories and components have their own national warranty.

What do you do for warranty out of province or country?

Accessories and components have a national cross country warranty. Call regarding manufacturer warranty and we will walk you through it.

Do you have a rubber roof?

NO, We only use a one piece aluminum roof

Can you use it in winter?

Yes, we have a number of winter campers, call for details.

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Do you have dealers?

No, we do not have a dealer network, our units are sold direct.

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Do you have a Taylor Coach campout?

Yes, it is held annually in October, call the shop for information.

Do you offer shipping?

We would prefer that customers pick up their units so that they can have their 3 hour orientation.

Do you have used units?

Look at our units available on our website or call the shop.

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Do you do RV shows?

After much thought we have chosen this year not to attend the RV shows. We prefer that our customers visit us at the shop, to see exactly how the units are built and know what they are purchasing.

Do you need to cover your Taylor Coach in the winter?

No, it is not recommended because we have a one piece aluminum roof, sealed with industrial silicone. Covering creates condensation and mold. It saves you money not having to purchase a cover.

Do you need to remove heavy snow loads off of your Taylor Coach in the winter?

No, you do not need to because of the way trailers are structured. Also, the chance of breaking vents is likely to occur.

How are the Taylor Coaches Made?

Please watch our Youtube video Frame to Road. Our Channel name is Taylorcoach1967 or go to the video page and watch all the videos on the channel.

Do you have any videos of the trailers?

Yes we do, we have a Youtube account. You can click here or go to our channel Taylorcoach1967.

Are the models and layouts shown on the website the only ones you offer?

No, we can custom build to suit your needs. The models and layouts shown are the ones we have found to be the most popular over the years. To see more options and variations, also check out our videos page. Give us call if you have questions about how you would like your coach built!