Jonathan (From Massachusetts)

Hi Brad, Now that I’ve been home for a few days and been able to visually soak up the enjoyment of the trailer, I wanted to let you know as a customer how I feel at this moment. First of all, obviously any mention of longevity of the trailer can only be tested over time and use, so my comments on the quality of the build construction are based on my walk through of it. So I’ll start there. My wife finally got the chance to see this trailer, and as I stated to you on the phone she was utterly amazed at how roomy the trailer feels (and so am I). We looked around and then started to really look at the trailer from a quality standpoint. We both agree that from what we’ve seen and touched, this trailer is surely built to last. As you explained to me and I agree, the trailer is tight. Clean lines from ceiling to wall to floor. The workmanship of the cabinets, the floor quality, the fit of the appliances are all tight. The only thing we had any difficulty with was opening the windows. They are tight and if we angled them the wrong way they were tough to slide, so we put user error on that. The exterior is the same air tight and clean. As a businessman it was a very difficult decision to make a BIG purchase on an item only seen on the internet. But our purchase was justified once we received the trailer, and will be more gratifying once we use it (which will be soon).