Larry & Marianne (From Ontario)

In early 1999 after spending more than thirty years of our leisure time going to the cottage we decided to find a small trailer to visit other areas of North America. The plan was to take short trips so we settled on the Taylor 14-foot Codester, which we felt, would work well for our trips of two weeks or three weeks. The trips became longer over time and we realized that we needed something larger if we were to have extended vacations. The Codester had served us well, so we returned to Tracy’s RV Centre in late 2000 and decided on the 17 foot Nik-Nat. For the next ten years we drifted around North America on drifts lasting up to 43 days at a time. In all that time we only had one flat tire and one bearing failure. The Nik-Nat because of the workmanship of the Taylor family–never let us down. On returning from our last 25,000kms  in 2010 we decided that we would once again need a larger unit if we were to have our grandchildren accompany us to experience the wonders of North America. It wasn’t hard to decide; once again we returned to the Taylor family and ask them to build a 24 foot unit for us. Brad was very accommodating in letting us modify his floor plan to our specifications. The finished product will be on the road in a few weeks and we look forward to another ten years of travelling with a Taylor Coach.