Peg & Graham (From Minnesota)

Bobbie: We spent two years planning on buying a Scamp and were just days away from making the purchase when we came across Taylor Coach, a brand we had not previously known about. Our unit was a trade-in from one of Brad’s customers who loved his Bobbie but wanted a size upgrade. The minute we saw the pictures and description on the website we knew that the Scamp was history. We have loved every moment in the Bobbie. We even had a Bobbie Party to show it off to our friends and neighbors. Every time we take it somewhere, people stop by and say it’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the show Dr. Who, you’ll understand why we describe the Bobbie as a Tardis (bigger on the inside than it is on the outside). It’s also very homey. We just got back from Wisconsin where we camped with my brother and his pop-up. I won’t bother listing the various problems with pop-ups here, except to say that it had no personality whatsoever. It was basically a set of beds on wheels. More importantly, the Bobbie has lots of storage, is very well made and dependable, and has all the conveniences we wanted. Additionally, Brad and his family have been so friendly and helpful. We initially asked him to add a built-in heater, but he talked us out of that, saying a $20 space heater would be more than enough, even in cold weather, and he was right! We love our Bobbie and think that the only change we’ll ever make is, upon retirement in 20+ years, to get Brad to make us a 14 or 16 footer, simply because by then, we will probably not want to convert the table to a bed every night. (Not that it’s not fast and easy; it is.) In short, we love Taylor Coach and our Bobbie!! Peg and Graham St. Paul, Minnesota