Rick & Marianne (From Ontario)

Hi Brad. I just wanted to say thanks so much to you, Nate and Bob for building our trailer for us! (and anyone else involved – I think some lovely ladies in the family had something to do with the curtains and cushions…..) We took the trailer out on her maiden voyage recently to Killbear, for our annual July camping with Rick’s family. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! Everything worked great, except for the 3 younger kids playing musical beds all week! Darren didn’t fall out the bunk bed at all and was our alarm in the morning with just his head hanging over with a huge smile. (and we had one of the kid’s cousins for a sleepover too). Rick’s family was most impressed by the trailer as well. It towed beautifully with the hitch, and was a very smooth ride up north and back. The kids I think also felt a bit safer in this trailer as we had a mama bear and her cub on our site! (but we always follow all the bear rules so it’s all good) I think Rick now appreciates having the microwave as he heated some leftovers in it and made mac and cheese! Handy dandy! I’ve wanted this trailer for a few summers now and we were finally able to make it happen this year. Thanks again for all your hard work. We have taken camping to our next and final level now. I am highly recommending your trailers to anyone who wants to buy a house trailer. Take care and hopefully see you at the camp out in October. I’ve e-mailed Marissa to see if any spots are left. We missed the May deadline on that with not getting the trailer till June. Sincerely, Marianne Dam (and the whole Dam family!)